Our Services

Public/Media Relations


At the onset of services, TMA creates a comprehensive business or nonprofit public relations plan, outlining your organization's goal. We believe all your public relations efforts should support your business, mission and goals, so we align all of our efforts with those goals, ensuring all of our work is tied to your sales, donations and /or missions. 

TMA Communications business and non profit public relations tactics include: 

  • E-mail 
  • Event Planning 
  • Multimedia Production
  • Direct Marketing

Multimedia Productions


Our video and multimedia past performance includes projects for Fortune 500 companies, cool start-ups, individuals, political campaigns and non-profit organizations. We help maximize their messages, tell their stories, and grow their audiences. TMA recognizes quality video production and knows what it takes to produce a professional, effective message for any need. 

Content Marketing


We write blog posts, articles, op-eds, website copy, brochures and other compelling content to encourage potential clients and donors to interact with your brand

Event Planning


TMA has the experience and resource to design, produce, execute and develop the framework for optimal event success. Your guest will have a solid platform to interact, experience, and embrace your brand in motion. 

Capital Campaign


TMA can help manage capital campaigns for nonprofit organizations. We are experienced capital campaign managers and can help nonprofit leaders develop and oversee a capital campaign. 

TMA assists with the management of: 

  • Creation of Campaign Branding
  • Establish Recognition Programs
  • Campaign Video Production
  • Campaign Web Design
  • Facebook Live and Media Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media

E-Learn Design


We work with our clients to capture the material. If you already have an existing material such as PowerPoint presentation, we can also help convert it into appropriate e-learning content such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate, Flash with XML and Lectora.